Marketing and Branding Module

Explore a variety of career pathways in music marketing and branding and match your skills and interests to a career in the music industry. The marketing module includes videos, career graphics, one-sheets, practice worksheets, and suggestions for project-based learning.

Learning Goals for Marketing & Branding

Careers: Explore Career Opportunities in Marketing and Branding

Start connecting your passions to a profession in music marketing and branding with the resources below to discover your pathway to success.

Watch this video to explore a day in the life of an Artist Marketer at Apple Music.

Content: View a variety of careers in marketing and branding in the music industry and read the profiles of individuals working in these roles.

Resource: Identify your own skills and characteristics to help map yourself to a career in music marketing and branding. Based on the information in the industry professional profiles above, consider the qualities you will need to develop to find success.

Resource: Use your skills and characteristics and the industry professional profiles to create a career map for your music marketing and branding pathway. Outline short-term and long-term goals to help take control of your future.

Understanding Brand Strategy in the Music Industry

A brand is a visual representation of identity. In music, branding takes the energy and intention of an artist’s music and creates a consistent visual style and identity. An artist’s brand helps them to create an emotional connection to their music that captures the attention of fans and the industry. 

Start with an overview of Artist Branding and then watch Industry Sessions to learn more about careers in branding.

Watch this video to learn how to make brand impact in today’s digital landscape and learn about the careers of the pros making brands stand out. TIP: Use the Music Forward Reflection Sheet to take notes during Industry Sessions.

Watch this video to learn more about developing a brand identity that reflects the totality of what you want to represent and hear from pros that are working to enhance brand images in music.

Marketing in the Music Industry

Marketing is a must in the music industry and marketing on digital platforms is essential. Reaching audiences on streaming and social platforms with a consistent brand and messaging is used to promote live shows, new music releases, collaborations, and build fan engagement. Marketing professionals need to understand the digital landscape and use analytical data to create effective promotional strategies to reach local and global audiences.

Topic: Social Media– Utilizing social media platforms to promote and market an artist and their music is critical to success. Successful digital marketers understand the value of different platforms and create strategies to maximize their reach.

Watch this video to explore social media careers and hear tips from experts from top companies on how to become a social media pro.

Resource: Use this resource to learn the essentials of music marketing and how to market on the local scene.

Resource: Use this resource to review the details of top social media platforms to develop a strategy for reaching your audience.

Activity Suggestions:

  • Create a Marketing plan
    • Using the template, create a marketing strategy for a live performance, tour or new music release.
  • Research and present a career profile using a career in Marketing and Branding.
    • Include educational/training needed, salary range, experience and skills, and best locations to find a job.
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