We Did It!

Thank you!

With your partnership and investment, Music Forward closed the decade stronger than ever with a renewed passion to elevate the next generation. See our 2019 impact here.

Did you know there are nearly 4.6 million young people ages 16-24 disconnected in America, meaning they are not enrolled in school nor working?

This past year we sat down with groups of 16-24-year-olds across the country to learn what was challenging them and how we, how music, can be responsive to their needs. These conversations will define the start of this decade for Music Forward and over the next few months, you will see this impact on our organization.

And so, we enter a new decade, the Roaring Twenties! Like a century ago, let this decade be a time of exuberant, culture-defining years with enlightened social and political change. And advances for women and children everywhere.

We feel the urgency and a reaffirmation in our commitment to ensure that by the end of the ‘20s, the next generation is self-aware, resilient and self-determined to succeed in no matter what they do. To be seen. Be heard. And dream big!

Join us on this journey. Here we go!

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