Spotlight: Well Dunn Foundation

Music Forward doesn’t just produce content for our broad global audiences. We also partner with organizations and schools across the country to ensure our programming is getting to passionate, young people in communities we can’t reach in-person! This month we want to highlight the Well Dunn Foundation as one such partnership. We caught up with Nancy Tarr, executive director of the foundation, to let us know all about their 5+ year Music Forward connection.

How did your organization become connected with Music Forward?

We partnered on outreach opportunities via NAMM for high school students at the Anaheim, CA House of Blues and Well Dunn placed Music Forward students in paid internships.

How does your organization engage with Music Forward? What programs do you utilize most? 

We share Music Forward’s programming, scholarships, and internship opportunities. Music Forward sends well-qualified students to Well Dunn and we send Music Forward well-qualified students for internships, All Access programs, Artist and Career Development panels and Open Mics too.

What are the most important aspects of the music industry your students need to understand? How does Music Forward support that message? 

“Job readiness” is one of the most important aspects of working in the music industry. Music Forward is a great education and opportunity partner to provide access, education, and career development to our Well Dunn students.

Why do you think organizations like Music Forward are important partners in your work? 

We share the same mission, we are both working to create a more socioeconomic music industry by working with students with financial need, breaking down barriers and opening doors to the next generation of emerging music professionals.

What aspects of the partnership with Music Forward have been most beneficial for your students?

I have been working with a variety of staff members at Music Forward for almost five years. Music Forward has provided educational, performance, and internship opportunities for our constituents. Music Forward (and the staff) are compassionate about the work we do together and are eager to provide a pathway to “career readiness.”

How does your own passion for music / the music industry impact your work? 

In addition to running Well Dunn, I am also a music industry professor and a performer. I am surrounded by eager students who are making their way in the industry whether it be as an executive, a rising artist, a Tour Manager, Live Sound Engineer, or Artist Manager. My combined experience impacts my ability to provide opportunities and connections to create a pathway for emerging music professionals.

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