Spotlight: The Boyle Heights Arts Conservatory

Music Forward doesn’t just produce content for our broad global audiences. We also partner with organizations and schools across the country to ensure our programming is getting to passionate, young people in communities we can’t reach in-person! This month we want to highlight The Boyle Heights Arts Conservatory as one such partnership. We caught up with Joey Rodriguez, program assistant of the conservatory, to let us know all about their Music Forward connection.

How did your organization become connected with Music Forward?

The Boyle Heights Arts Conservatory (BHAC) became connected with the Music Forward Foundation through networking with other Boyle Heights organizations. There were multiple instances where BHAC and a representative from MFF were in the same room sharing resources and opportunities with one another. We connected on a joint focus on a lack of resources and opportunities for communities of color in the entertainment/music industry.

How does your organization engage with Music Forward? What programs do you utilize most? 

The BHAC aims to create direct career paths for communities of color in entrainment industries such as television, radio, music, broadcasting, etc. In the past, BHAC has participated and led intern workshops with Music Forward. Music Forward has not only supplied BHAC with internship opportunities within BMG but has also helped out with resume building and the interview/onboarding process.

What are the most important aspects of the music industry your students need to understand? How does Music Forward support that message? 

One of the most important aspects of the music industry that our students are starting to understand is that there is no need to be the most famous person in the room to have a career. There are so many different careers in the music industry that are behind the scenes and provide great stable lives for workers. MFF supports this message by allowing interns in our space to go out and experience first-hand job opportunities in the industry while getting paid.

What aspects of the partnership with Music Forward have been most beneficial for your students?

MFF allocating space for our youth to interview and build experience in the music industry has been most beneficial. There is no better way to get new youth into the music industry than actually helping to get them in, directly.

How does your own passion for music / the music industry impact your work? 

My own passion for music helps me further understand the love other young people have for the industry as well. It helps me push young people and give them the confidence they need to enter the music industry as a person of color.

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