Spotlight: Phebe Wickham

Meet Phebe Wickham, our Digital Marketing Coordinator! Learn more about Phebe’s journey from Music Forward Intern to full time employee and what it is like being a young professional in the music industry.

What is your role at Music Forward and what is your favorite part of what you do, so far?

I am the Digital Marketing Coordinator so I do a little bit of everything under the marketing umbrella! My favorite piece has to be booking Artist of the Month.  Getting a chance to really connect and work with a Music Forward alum throughout the month is really wonderful, and then getting to celebrate the month with Spotlight Unplugged is the cherry on top.  I love getting a chance to ask these artists all of my burning questions about their journey and their music! 

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your journey leading to your role at Music Forward?

I have worn a lot of hats over the years; from theatre, to film, to now marketing/music. I think the main through line is getting to creatively express myself while also lifting up others to try new things, gain experience, and find new creative outlets for themselves. 

I have a bachelor’s degree from Emerson College in Visual Media Arts.  As a part of my time there I took part in their Los Angeles program, which focused on moving a cohort out to LA for a semester and having them gain education through internships. This landed me an internship at Music Forward! 

I loved my time interning here.  It allowed me to learn a lot and really expand my creative horizons and skill sets. So, I was thrilled when they offered me a part time position as I was graduating college which has now grown to the full time position I am in today!

How do you feel being a young professional will help you to support other young people via your role and Music Forward’s mission?

I think young people uplifting young people is crucial. The access Music Forward gives students to established experts in the industry is absolutely invaluable. But, at the same time, I think it is important to also have access to people that are coming up in the industry at a similar time. This industry is forever changing and while it is incredible to network with people that are higher up in the industry who can help you get an in, I think it is also important to be able to connect with people that are moving up in the industry in a similar climate to the one that you would be facing to help fully form your roadmap.

What piece of advice would you give to young professionals pursuing their dream career?

Take everything as it comes and follow every opportunity. It is great to have the big plan as to where your life will go but if you hold on to it too tightly it is easy to get disappointed and miss other opportunities that may come your way.  We are always growing, changing, and learning and if we get locked into our idea of what our life should be, it doesn’t allow for that change. So, every opportunity that comes your way, really consider it because even at its worst you will learn something. 

What has been your most memorable or favorite live music experience?

I have one concert memory I will never forget, and it doesn’t even have to do with the performance itself! My best friend and I were at a Twenty Øne Pilots show and while we were all waiting for the show to start someone somewhere in the arena started throwing a frisbee.  Suddenly the entire arena was a part of this giant game of frisbee! It was going from section to section; we all cheered when someone caught it and booed when it was dropped.  My best friend and I had become friends with the fans around us and we were getting bummed that the frisbee wasn’t being thrown to our section. So, I came up with the bright idea of turning on our phone flashlights to become a giant glowing target.  While we didn’t manage to lure in the frisbee, suddenly all the other phone lights in the stadium started flashing on.  It would be the most flashlights that I would see on for the rest of the concert. It was incredible to feel such an intense feeling of unity and belonging in a large mass of people. It is that feeling that I have always loved the most about concerts, how music brings people together, and it has never been better highlighted than in that moment. (Also when Tyler Joseph did come on stage and he did his magical disappearing act to then reappear in the nose bleeds he threw that frisbee so in a way I played frisbee with Tyler Joseph)

How does music move you?

Music is the great unifier! It helps me when I am sad, it reflects my energy when I am happy, and it helps me connect with those who are like me. There is no better feeling than losing yourself in the music, letting go of all of your stressors of the day, it’s just you and the music, and you can dance your heart out!

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