Spotlight: Mynthia

We sat down with June 2023 Artist of the Month Mynthia. Learn more about his journey as an artist, his experience at Music Forward, and beyond.

Tell us a little about yourself and how you decided to become an artist.

My name is Mynthia, a Pop/R&B artist. I am a Liberian-American artist, who takes pride in myself, my culture, my unapologetic persona, and my prowess on stage.

I knew since I could speak that I would go down in history as one of the greats. I always knew it was my destiny to one day have a sold-out stadium tour.

You have a very exciting and engaging stage presence – who (or what) inspires your music and your performance style?

I am very inspired by great artists who I believe push boundaries and are trailblazers in the industry. Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Prince, Bobby Brown, and Fela Kuti are just some of the artists that I draw inspiration from. I also draw a lot of inspiration from things around me, that move and shape culture. Much of my inspiration comes from my being West African, observing HBCU majorettes, and studying different cultural movements and traditions. Inspiration is all around us and I make it a point not to limit myself to one source.

What purpose do you want your music to serve for your fans and supporters?

I want my music to be a safe haven and a podium for the disenfranchised and those that feel they don’t have a seat at the table. My goal as an artist is to make every group that feels marginalized, because of their race, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, ethnic background etc. feel seen, heard, and like they have someone who can represent them. I want people to feel like I feel every day when I wake up, an ICON. Being an ICON is more than just being confident and over-the-top flamboyant. It’s about being completely unapologetically YOU regardless of what the world has to say about it. That is my goal, to make people feel that.

If you could perform at any venue in the world, where would it be?

I will be performing in sold-out stadiums all over the world one day but I would love to perform at the Great Pyramids of Giza. That would be a highlight of my career for sure.

Why do you think organizations like Music Forward are important?

I believe organizations like Music Forward are so important because they help the unattainable become attainable. I think in this industry it’s all about who you know and sometimes that can be discouraging but the access Music Forward gives you to industry professionals and to a broader audience is just excellent as it allows young people of any background to have a shot at their dreams.

What’s next for you and your career? Do you have any new projects or performances coming up?

I am headed for the stadium tour, but in the meantime, I have a single and a docu-series coming out very soon! Stay tuned icons!!

Finally, how does music move you?

Music is the reason I was created. I was put on this earth to be an entertainer and to perform. I think it’s incredibly beautiful to know your purpose in this thing we call life. I am extremely grateful and blessed to have known so early and to be able to hone and perfect my craft for so long. Music is the reason I exist and it saves my life every day.

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