Spotlight: Chloe Lavender

We sat down with Chloe Lavender our 2024 March Artist of the Month ahead of her Music Forward Live @ The Echo performance to learn more about her journey, her artistry, and more.

Can you introduce yourself and share some insights into your background? Describe your journey into music and the experiences that have shaped you as an artist today.

My name is Chloe Lavender, I’m 18 years old and based in Los Angeles California. I started writing music when I was 14 and instantly fell in love with it. Quarantine was when I really knew songwriting and singing was what I loved. I created my first EP during that time, and it really describes the whole feeling of quarantine; feeling alone, repeating the same day, and missing friends and family. That EP is really what started my music journey. I knew I wanted to make honest songs with emotion and it helped create that and give that feeling to everyone that they are not alone.

Let’s talk about your musical inspirations. What drives you to create music, and how would you describe the unique sound and style that define your creations?

My biggest inspiration would have to be Billie Eilish, her songwriting is very honest and vulnerable and I love it when I can feel a song just by listening to it. I would describe my sound as a mix of pop and R&B. I love to have my lyrics really carry the song.

Dream collaborations can be powerful. If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be, and what aspects of their artistry draw you to them?

If I could collaborate with any artist it’d have to be Giveon. Giveon’s music has the same sound I love to feature in my music, and what really draws me towards him is how he can tell a story in a song but also keep it catchy and fun to listen to. That’s what I try to do with my songs so I think mixed together our vocals and lyrics would sound amazing.

Visualize your ideal performance. If given the opportunity to open for any artist, who would you choose, and what makes them the perfect match for your performance?

If I could open for any artist I would probably choose Sza. She also has that pop and R&B mix to her music and I feel our music gives off the same vibe.

Share some wisdom with us. What’s the most valuable advice you’ve received while pursuing your musical dreams, and how has it influenced your journey?

Some great advice I have received is to be authentic and don’t let anyone take away from your raw talent. I believe being your true self and writing music about how you truly feel makes the songs sound more relatable and authentic to not only the people listening but also yourself. That advice has helped me to feel my music and add that raw emotion into my songs. Whenever I sing or perform them it takes me back and I feel what I was feeling at that moment.

How did you become involved with Music Forward, and in what ways has Music Forward helped you along your musical journey?

Music Forward reached out to me asking me if I’d be interested in performing on Open Mic Fridays, I of course said yes because I love performing any chance I get. I ended up winning Fan Favorite and was extremely excited. The performance gave me great feedback and different opinions on my music from people who work in the music industry. Music Forward helped me in getting exposure to my music and receiving different tools on how to make it in the music industry.

Looking ahead, what are your future aspirations in your music career? Can you share specific goals you have for the future, both artistically and professionally?

My goal for my music is to become an even better songwriter and learn how to produce beats for my songs. I hope to gain a bigger audience and tell them my story through music.

Lastly, let’s delve into the essence of music. How does music personally move you, and what emotions or experiences fuel your creative process?

Music moves me because when I listen to a song I really listen to the lyrics and put myself in the shoes of the person singing it and try to feel as if I were in that situation and feel the emotion the artist put into the song and the message that they are trying to give us.

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