Spotlight: Adrian Flores

Meet Adrian Flores, our new Director of Marketing! Learn a little more about Adrian and what led him to Music Forward below!

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your journey leading to your role at Music Forward.

I have over 17 years of experience as a marketer and sponsorship manager/director within Los Angeles’ music and entertainment space. I’ve worked at companies such as AEG Presents, Sam Nazarian’s SBE, LA Canvas, Grand Performances, and more. I earned a Business degree from Pepperdine University and thrive in a team environment; I also love learning about culture, tech, and anything related to art and music.

My experiences within the non-profit realm and the music industry led me to my role at Music Forward!

Describe what you do at Music Forward. What you are most excited about?

I am Music Forward’s (MF) newly appointed Marketing Director. This position is perfect because I thrive on being creative and telling a story while digging into the data. I always find new creative outlets and love seeing life through a unique perspective. My favorite part about being at MF is the team and the ability to help build our MF vision by using my relationships and experience to excel and ensure that MF thrives as one of the most valuable non-profits in the music industry.

What about your career path so far do you think best prepares you for your new position?

I’ve overseen significant sponsorship and marketing campaigns from concept to execution. I’ve also produced live events and led artist development for major artists. I understand both the creative and business process in that I can clearly see what story needs to be told from different perspectives ranging from the targeted demographic to a major sponsor.

Growing up, who or what were some of your inspirations?

Growing up, I was always drawn to music and have early memories of watching Nirvana on MTV in awe of the artistry. That said, I knew I wasn’t interested in being a musician. I became very inspired when a friend’s father was working in the music industry, and I realized I could play a role in bringing music to people without having to pick up an instrument.

What do you think are the secrets behind getting to where you want to be?

To know that there is never a perfect path and there is also no better time than right now. While strategizing is essential, you must also understand that there may never be an ideal moment, and sometimes you have to jump in. 

What piece of advice would you give to young people looking for their first role in the music industry?

Understand what you’re passionate about and find a way to work it into your career. My first industry jobs were not developed positions, but I found my way into the company and created departments at a young age to fit their needs by using my natural talents and passion.

Always be a good person to work with (in general) because you never know when you will work with those people again. The music industry is big and yet very small!

What has been your most memorable or favorite live music experience?

My most memorable concert experience would have to be the first time I saw TOOL. It was at a Wearhouse in Houston, TX.  My best friend and I had been obsessing over TOOL for years and knew all the music.   We found a way backstage and even got to hang out with the band!  Throughout the years I’ve run into them at other events and shows. The guitarist (Adam Jones) and Drummer (Danny Carey)  still recognize me from way back then which feels wonderful.

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