Music Forward Live @ The Echo

March 21st was a night to remember as we turned The Echo in Los Angeles into a buzzing hub of music, connections, and good vibes for Music Forward Live @ The Echo! Our goal? To give you a taste of our talented Music Forward alums, let you mix and mingle with fellow music enthusiasts, and drop some music biz knowledge with A&R rockstar Delmar Powell.

We kicked things off with Chloe Lavender, our March Artist of the Month and Open Mic alum. Chloe sang some of her raw and emotional RnB ballads, all produced by her own father who was in the crowd that night, proudly singing along.

Then came Brynne, a pop singer-songwriter who won over fans during our most recent Open Mic season. The twitch chat was lighting up with his supporters during his virtual performance in February and it was no different when he was on stage at The Echo last month! With songs like “why do i still see u?” and “in love, again?”, Brynne brought the romantic vibes and got everyone in their feels. 

After Brynne’s set, we hit pause on the live music to chat about the music business. VP of A&R at Position Music, Delmar Powell, joined us on stage for a keynote Q&A and shared some tips about taking risks and thinking outside the box in the music business. He expressed, “Whether you want to be an A&R, songwriter, or artist, think outside the box. Put yourself in uncomfortable situations to get to your goal.” 

Back to the tunes, Uraelb hit the stage with his infectious smile and groovy jams. He had the whole crowd dancing, clapping, and singing along, keeping those good vibes alive. It was impossible to not smile while watching his performance – especially during the song “Brace Face.” 

Closing out the show, our headliner JeRonelle, a recipient of our LGBTQ+ Emerging Artist Award and a powerhouse vocalist. With tracks like “Stuck” and “Think of You,” JeRonelle had the audience captivated, with flashlights waving in the air during the soulful ballads.

Missed out on all the action? Don’t worry! We’ve got more live music, learning, and networking coming your way on June 18th back again at The Echo. Mark your calendars and get ready for another unforgettable night! Tickets will be released soon here!

Don’t forget to keep up with our amazing performers from the night! 

Chloe Lavender: https://www.instagram.com/cholehole/?img_index=1 

Brynne: https://www.instagram.com/paper.crannes/ 

Urael B: https://www.instagram.com/uraelb/ 

JeRonelle: https://www.instagram.com/imjeronelle/  

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