Wednesday May 31st, 2023 Boston, MA House of Blues Music Forward Foundation (Music Forward) is pleased to announce it has received a $75,000.00 grant from Ernie Boch Jr.’s Music Drives Us to underwrite the production and performance of the Boston Blues SchoolHouse program at House of Blues Boston for the next three years, 2023 thru 2025. With this award from Music Drives Us, the program will continue as: Boston Blues SchoolHouse presented by Music Drives Us.

When: 11:15 AM Wednesday, May 31st, 2023

Where: House of Blues Boston 15 Lansdowne Street Boston, MA 

“We are delighted to receive this generous award and enduring support from Music Drives Us. Blues SchoolHouse is Music Forward’s legacy program, and we are pleased to continue it in the city where the program started now in its third decade of impacting thousands of Boston youth every year,” emphasized Nurit Siegel Smith, Executive Director of Music Forward, “Blues SchoolHouse educates youth about the significant impact African Americans have had on America’s music and culture. We are most grateful for the long-standing six-year-partnership with Music Drives Us (MSU) that makes it possible for so many young lives to experience live music as well as learn a valuable and inspiring history lesson!” 

Music Forward’s goal is to inspire and educate youth about the richly catalytic influence of blues music, including its historic use as a tool for communication, celebration, expression of sorrow and struggle, and positive social change. Blues SchoolHouse (BSH) encourages our young audiences to consider the role of both individuals and movements in bringing about social transformation through musical innovation. BSH helps remind us that music is an integral part of our personal, family, and community life – that the arts allow us to transcend real or perceived differences and disparities, uniting us all in powerful ways. 

“I am extremely proud to ensure Blues SchoolHouse continues to reach students in the City of Boston. It is so important that we offer affordable musical education programs and experiences for our kids. With this grant from Music Drives Us, thousands of students will learn about the blues and continue to be inspired, entertained, and engaged” stated Ernie Boch Jr. “Music Drives Us is supporting the past and the future of music with this important program.”

About Music Forward Foundation

Music Forward transforms young lives, inspires careers, and champions a more inclusive music industry. Music Forward bridges communities to the music industry, empowers ambition, and creates momentum to redefine what is possible for the youth and industry we serve. Music Forward is the evolution of the International House of Blues Foundation, which began in 1993.  @MusicForward, and learn more at www.musicforwardfoundation.org.

About Music Drives Us

The Boch family established Music Drives Us to support music programs throughout New England. Music Drives Us Ambassadors help grow the foundation and raise money and awareness for our music mission of supplying grants for music programs to effect positive changes for people in need. The Foundation seeks out organizations and individuals that are interested in using music as a tool for all segments of society and for all age groups. Music Drives Us, New England’s leading music foundation, established in 2006. Learn more at www.musicdrivesus.org


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