LA Clippers x Music Forward: The Forum Tour

The Los Angeles Clippers partnered with us here at Music Forward to host a group of students at the Kia Forum, the famed multi-purpose indoor arena located in Inglewood, California, for a career panel discussion and venue tour.    

Students were given a 360-degree look at The Forum while they learned about the iconic venue’s history. The highly involving tour also gave the students a closer look at each different facet of putting on a live music event, further informing them not only about careers they might not have known existed, but also about the different career pathways one can take towards landing coveted roles in live production.

“Getting a tour of The Forum was such a memorable experience. Being able to hear from people who actively work at the venue opened up my mind to the variety of roles available in the live events industry. It was also interesting to hear their stories and backgrounds and how there’s no single path to a career in the music industry. Overall, it was a great experience!” 

—Veronica, The Los Angeles Film School

The students were afforded the opportunity to engage with industry experts, and their curiosity was met with open arms. The panel’s live music industry veterans provided invaluable information and shared authoritative advice.

Attendees like Music Forward alum LaTisha Stephens had much positivity to share about the eye-opening, mind-expanding event:

“I’ve lived down the block from the Forum for a while now, and I have never got a chance to see the Forum like we did. It was great to experience the Forum Club and learn about all the industry positions that operate concerts and events. It’s my goal to pursue a career in live entertainment, and this opportunity gave me a chance to be open-minded to insights from industry professionals about what they do for various events.”

Topping it all off, and in honor of Black Music Month in June, a panel was held to enlighten students about Black music throughout history and the impact it has made not only on the music of today but on American culture in general.

We wish to thank the Los Angeles Clippers as well as the excellent staff at the Kia Forum for helping us put together this inspiring and informative opportunity, one that greatly helps to further our mission of informing and uplifting young, diverse minds towards greater access to fulfilling careers in the music industry.

The experience can best be summed up by Esther Galvez, a California State University, Long Beach student who shared her enthusiasm for the day’s program:

“I loved getting a tour of The Forum and gaining more insight from people who are actually working in the music industry. Everyone was so kind and willing to answer questions. As someone who has gone to see a show at The Forum it was really cool seeing all the work that goes behind each night. It’s an opportunity I never imagined I’d be able to have as a first-generation student.”

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