Spotlight: Industry Expert-Caroline Trujillo

Caroline Trujillo from Maverick Management is an accomplished and admired mentor within our national network of music industry experts that help redefine what’s possible for talented youth as they help connect passions to professions.



1) What is your favorite memory involving music?

I loved sitting by my purple boom box back in the day for hours waiting for JLo to come on the radio, so I could record it on a tape. I did that a lot before I actually had a computer that could burn CDs.


2) What is the most rewarding part of being involved with Music Forward?

Contributing to someone’s life in a positive way is very fulfilling. Everyone I’ve interacted with is extremely passionate about their music and it’s truly an honor to even be let into the process, even if it’s on a small scale sometimes.


3) What is one piece of advice you would give a young person pursuing a career in the music industry?

Never lose sight of yourself and what you want. Be proactive & hustle hard!


4) What is your all-time favorite concert experience? There’s too many!!

I loved the intimacy of Frank Ocean’s FYF set in 2017. It literally felt like it was just me and him in the place. I left feeling so inspired. Also, I went to Ultra Music Festival in 2014. It started raining during Above & Beyond’s set, so they turned the equipment around and played with their backs to the crowd. The idea of just hearing the crowd roar behind you and not seeing your fans was a beautiful moment. Dancing in the rain listening to your favorite trance group is amazing, too.


5) How does music move you forward?

I believe music can bring the world together. It’s a universal language that allows me to explore and experience new perspectives of life. It makes me feel less alone in my struggles.

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