Front Row: BMG Internship

Meet Desiree Sokolgz, a rising young professional who connected with Music Forward and landed an internship at BMG. Take cues from her inspiring journey, learn about her career-fueling internship, and explore what it is like working for a major force in the music industry below.

My music journey began at a very young age. I became obsessed with all things music growing up in choir, listening to my dad’s 70’s collections, purchasing CDs at record stores, and watching television music countdowns. However, unlike most music fans, I became obsessed with reading the credits. I always knew that music was the answer but became discouraged because I did not have a traditional music background. I never pursued an artist or compositional career and was under the impression that I had no place in the music industry. Instead, I entered the entertainment world through radio and stuck to that until the pandemic in 2020. After months of contemplating, I decided to network and research different career avenues in the music business. I quickly learned that a career in music was attainable for me, which began with Music Forward. 

I initially signed up for Music Forward’s Office Hours late 2020 but received a notice that the programs were at capacity. Then unexpectedly, I was invited to join Music Forward’s Career Development series in February 2021. I participated in the 8-week program then continued onto the Artist Development series. I made incredible connections, learned how to get started in the business (i.e., pitching and resume workshop), and gained industry insights on how it all works. Shortly after Music Forward, I landed two internships for the Summer. I have remained connected to Music Forward through various workshops and resume pooling. I was ecstatic to be selected as a candidate for BMG’s Spring 2022 Internship program through Music Forward’s recommendation. Music Forward’s Education Coordinator, Clara Mohagen, even arranged a mock interview and provided feedback for improvement, which helped me gain confidence moving forward.

Now that I am halfway through my Creative Sync internship at BMG, I could not be more grateful! I have been welcomed throughout this entire experience, from the interview process to my first day in the office. My team- Laura Ogawa, Haylee Young, Bella Guerra, and Emily Stellar, have poured so much into me this semester. If I could write a brief about every person who’s impacted me at BMG, I would. I’ve learned more about sync and music publishing in the past ten weeks than I have in the last year thanks to the entire team at BMG! I’ve also had the opportunity to arrange informational meetings and assist multiple departments, including brand partnerships and licensing. It feels great to be in a position doing what I love, while having a team that values me as much as I value them. The inclusive community at BMG has contributed immensely to my growth; I would be thrilled to continue working with BMG beyond my internship. 

Moving forward, I will continue pursuing my career in the music business by learning, listening, and taking on internships like the one I have with BMG. As I enter the final three semesters of my MBA program at Long Beach State, I am excited to strengthen my skills and continue networking. I am excited to see where my journey takes me and will always be thankful for the support I receive along the way, including from the Music Forward Foundation.

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