Front Row: BMG Internship

There I was in the spring semester of 2022 with my phone in my hand, mindlessly scrolling through Instagram like any other college student does to kill time. A vibrant graphic caught my eye on the discover page that highlighted summer internships; coincidentally, I had just begun my search for internships for the upcoming summer. Curious, I clicked on the newly discovered Instagram account “MusicForward.”

I started researching Music Forward and discovered that it was a non-profit that hosted educational workshops and provided internship opportunities in the music industry. I immediately signed up for their Career Development Series in March 2022, which was when my career journey with Music Forward began. The universe knew I was searching for opportunities in the music industry and placed Music Forward perfectly on my explore page.

I participated in their four-week Career Development Series, where I strengthened my resume and expanded my network with students across the country. Developing my elevator pitch and interacting with established professionals was highly insightful. After the program’s conclusion, I submitted my resume for their internship opportunities, and with Music Forward’s recommendation, I was offered a summer internship position at BMG.

It was an exciting experience to work at BMG as their International Marketing Intern over the summer. I was exposed to the inner workings of an international record label and worked with the most supportive, hardworking team. I collaborated with the creative teams to strategize marketing tactics for their artists, assisted with a press junket, and even personally met some incredible artists like 5SOS and Logic!

During my time at BMG, I learned valuable information about music marketing, recording, and publishing. I also gained encouraging mentors and made life-long friends. If it weren’t for Music Forward, I would not have had the chance to explore the record label avenue. I am forever grateful to Music Forward for sharing experiences like this with students, and I look forward to applying what I learned at BMG to my future roles!

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