Celebrating Black Music Month

June is Black Music Month and as a company rooted in the blues, we are proud to take this month to highlight the efforts we’ve made to celebrate diversity this month. 

As we celebrate Black Music Month, we reaffirm our commitment to spotlighting diverse voices in music and honoring the impact that iconic Black musicians have had on the industry, our culture, and our world. 

This June, we’re thrilled to feature our Artist of the Month, Zami Inez. Zami shares how her culture shapes her music, offering such intelligent insight into what it’s like for her as a biracial artist. Learn more about Zami by clicking the button below.

Alongside this, we continue to inspire young minds with our recurring event, Blues SchoolHouse. This engaging concert experience takes students on a musical journey through the history of the blues, highlighting its origins, evolution, and enduring legacy. Learn more about this year’s Blues SchoolHouse event by clicking the button below.

Lastly, join us on our Black Music Month blog as we delve into the history of Black music, celebrating the artists and genres that have profoundly shaped the industry. Together, let’s honor the past, present, and future of Black music, and continue to elevate diverse voices in the world of music. Read the blog by clicking the button below.

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