Back to School with Music Forward

We’re so excited that our alumni are going back to school! Some are entering college for the first time, and some are eagerly returning. Music Forward proudly reports that according to the 2018 alumni survey, 100% are successfully engaged in school or working. Learn more about what these stellar alumni are learning as they pursue their dreams and what they’re listening to as they hit the books!

Name: Victoria Elise, 2019 Los Angeles Alum

School: Herb Alpert Music Center at Los Angeles City College

Major: Music

Plans for the Upcoming Year: “I’m planning to release a new single in the fall, and hopefully getting to complete and release my first EP using my school resources (recording rooms, classmates, etc.) by springtime!  Since this is my first year of college, I really want to familiarize myself with the resources available to me and meeting new musicians to hopefully collaborate on new music.”

Back to School Groove: “Whipped Cream” – Ari Lennox



Name: Kayla Erhardt, 2016 Las Vegas Alum

School: Berklee College of Music

Major: Professional Music; Minor in Music Business

Plans for the Upcoming Year: “I hope to gain lifelong connections within the industry, and I hope to develop myself as an artist and truly find my voice amongst the world of musicians!”

Back to School Groove: “Fly Me to the Moon” – Bobby Womack version




Name: Mesha Harvey, 2019 US Concerts Scholarship Recipient

School: Georgia State University

Major: Music Management 

Plans for the Upcoming Year: “To cultivate a successful school year, I plan to use a weekly planner that will keep me on track and also take time out for my physical and mental health! I am striving for progress over perfection and the small efforts put in day in and day out will be the result of my big success! I plan to curate my first recurring event in Atlanta in 2020 that highlights and unifies local artists.”

Back to School Groove: “Summer Love” – ARZLEE ft. Xiamara Jennings



Name: Juliana Castrillon, 2019 Tiffany Green Scholarship Recipient

School: The College of Saint Rose

Major: Music Industry – Concentration on Voice

Plans for the Upcoming Year: “I expect this year to be full of major projects in production, songwriting and live performing (I plan to produce an album for an artist in my college and release a few singles for my personal band). I also want to stay involved in the areas of women empowerment in the music industry by introducing women into areas of the industry that are usually male-dominated. So, I guess I have big expectations!” 

Back to School Groove: “Mother’s Daughter” – Miley Cyrus



Name: Nico Ruggieri, 2019 Steven J. Finkel Scholarship Recipient

School: Berklee College of Music

Major: Music Business/Management

Plans for the Upcoming Year: “This year, I plan to serve as a Student Ambassador at auditions worldwide and work and intern at local concert venues before I graduate in May!”

Back to School Groove: “Those Nights” – Bastille




Name: Sarah Crandall of After the Millennials, 2019 Los Angeles Alum

School: Biola University

Major: Communication Sciences and Disorders 

Plans for the Upcoming Year: “I plan to continue in my studies to prepare myself to be a fully competent speech-language pathologist. I also intend to further my knowledge and technique of the stand up and electric bass guitar. Because BIOLA’S campus is less than an hour from home, I am able to practice and play with my siblings whenever After the Millennials has a show.”

Back to School Groove: “Pathetic” -Blink 182



Name: Seth Crandall from After the Millennials, 2019 Los Angeles Alum

School: Grand Canyon University

Major: 3D Animation; Minor in Piano Composition

Plans for the Upcoming Year: “This April I will be graduating from GCU, my current plans are to further develop my portfolio, land an internship for animation and continue playing keyboards with my siblings in After the Millennials.”

Back to School Groove: “Star Treatment” -Arctic Monkeys




Name: Damoyee Janai, 2016 Dallas Alum

School: Berklee College of Music

Major: Film Scoring

Plans for the Upcoming Year: “I’m really looking forward to getting more acclimated at Berklee and getting involved in as many collaboration and performance opportunities as I can. My album drops Friday, October 4, so I’m looking forward to that as well. I’ll be doing a few shows in between school to promote it.”

Back to School Groove: “Bad Kids to the Back” – Snarky Puppy


Name: Hunter Wainwright, 2018 New Orleans Alum

School: Loyola University New Orleans

Major: Popular and Commercial Music

Plans for the Upcoming Year: “My goal is to continue gaining experience as a mix and recording engineer while working on musicianship and knowledge in the music industry. For a while, I’ve been working on new music for my new band and I hope to share it soon this year.”

Back to School Groove: “Fear Inoculum” – Tool


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