Back-to-School Tips for Music Industry Fans

Stay creative.  Several of Music Forward’s recent interns have come to us with impressive resumes that include radio shows they host, student conferences they have helped to organize, or festivals they have produced. Stop waiting for the perfect music industry job to appear and get out there. While you are a student you have access to teachers, resources, space, and students who want to be a part of something cool. Build it. 

Refresh your website. Don’t get caught up on social media and forget that you want a landing page to share the full breath of your personality, brand, your links, or work you’ve completed in school. Having a personal website helps people search for you and it’s an opportunity to share more of your story. There are lots of free or affordable options to bring your website to life. Have fun! 

Grow your community. This is your time to join that club, ask that person to lunch or coffee, or seek mentorship from a cool teacher. Being in school shouldn’t limit you to just the people in your classes. Seek out more like-minded people that share your passion for a career in the music industry.  

Plan out your internship. It’s okay if fall has come quick and you feel overwhelmed by classes and homework. Schedule some time with yourself, a trusted mentor or coach, or your career advisor to talk about spring or summer internships.  Internships are available every semester and go a long way in developing skills, building a network, and getting your foot in the door. Take the time to freshen up that resume and cover letter and start applying. Don’t rush it.

Go to shows! We know ticket prices are expensive but local and indie shows are still affordable and sometimes even free! Try to find shows that happen on campuses, small venues, or in the community. Don’t be afraid to see bands and genres you don’t know. You’ll have the chance to connect to the good vibes that live shows bring and may even discover a new favorite artist.

Discover new music careers. So many roles in the music industry are mysterious and hard to see because they take place behind the stage or before an artist even gets on the stage. Take time to search your favorite tours and learn more about the roles and positions needed to bring the tour together. Look into your favorite music releases and search who was responsible for the marketing and release.  

Enjoy free, remote workshops. The pandemic gave us a new opportunity to engage in loads of incredible content and most of it hasn’t gone away. While a lot of people are experiencing zoom fatigue, this could be your major advantage to jump into conversations with small groups and really network.  Here at Music Forward we offer year-round Industry Sessions. These are completely remote and free sessions with Industry Professionals who unpack topics from resume building, how to pitch yourself, to working on your personal branding. Check out Music Forward Fall Programing!

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