Announcing Our Meet-A-Mentor Winners

In honor of National Volunteer Month in April, we launched our Meet-A-Mentor opportunity with the goal of giving our community of young adults the opportunity to spend an hour with one of our industry experts in the areas of PR & Media, Artist Website & EPK, Personal Branding, and Artist Development. Our participating mentor volunteers are: Carla D. Brown (Carla D. Brown Public Relations), Craig Baylis (SAG-AFTRA),  Pamela Burga (Live Nation Entertainment), Rob Heller (Rob Heller Entertainment), and Zac Garfinkel (Canyon Club).

During the mentorship session, our next generation of industry leaders will have the opportunity to ask questions, explore pathways, and receive insight and advice from their mentor to support them along their career journeys.


Meet the Winners and Mentors:

Winner: Alexis Flores /  Mentor: Craig Baylis

Alexis is an aspiring talk show host with a passion for the entertainment industry currently finishing his senior year of college, where he has hosted radio shows and podcasts. Alexis’ mentor will be Music Industry expert Craig Baylis from SAG-AFTRA.

One thing that Alexis hopes to learn during his mentorship: “I hope to get assistance with developing my brand and presence.  I am in the early stages of my career and want to be someone who remains relevant for the long-run. I am willing to put in the hard work to become a respected and successful professional but need some guidance.”


Winner: Alicesha Milana /  Mentor: Pamela Burga

Alicesha is a college senior at California State University, Los Angeles who is interested in pursuing a career that incorporates analytics, diversity, and marketing within the entertainment industry.  Alicesha’s mentor is Diversity and Inclusion champion Pamela Burga from Live Nation.

One thing that Alicesha hopes to learn during her mentorship: “I hope to get more insight and resources as to how the business and diversity side of music industry works. I would also like to know how my work as a professional can have long-term impact for good.”


Winner: N’iya Aleïa /  Mentor: Carla D. Brown

N’iya is a singer-songwriter and Music Forward alumna living in Chicago, who also has a strong interest in the business side of music as she one day aspires to run a record label.  N’iya’s mentor will be established Artist Manager and Marketing and Public Relations expert Carla D. Brown who runs her own successful PR agency.

One thing that N’iya hopes to learn during her mentorship: “I hope to establish a game-plan for the immediate next steps in my career based on my current situation (projects, networking, content) and gain a deeper step-by-step understanding of concepts I’m confused about within my business.”


Winner: Son Le  /  Mentors: Rob Heller & Zac Garfinkel

Son Le is a young entertainment industry professional in Las Vegas who started working in the industry in show promotion.  Son’s mentors are prominent Talent Buyer Zac Garfinkel and Entertainment Industry legend Rob Heller who has worked with artists ranging from Smokey Robinson to Madonna among many others.

One thing that Son hopes to learn during his mentorship: “I hope to be a part of defining what the next wave of concerts and immersive live events will look like and would love to get career advice and tips on how  to present my ideas, grow as a professional, and sustain a career within the music and entertainment industries.”

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