Learning Resource

Spotify Masterclass for Artists

Take a personal guide through Spotify's artist tools & features, and discover the knowledge and best practices to help you find your audience on Spotify.

Develop a Marketing Plan

Ready to get noticed? Create a marketing strategy using this step-by-step to put a promo plan into action.

Career Map

Use your identified skills and characteristics to create a strategy for success and a career map for your own personal music industry pathway.

Career Questions

Use these question prompts to ask meaningful questions as you explore career details with professionals in the industry.

Pitch Perfect Career Practice

Spotlight your strengths and outline your individuality to get you one step closer to a music industry career.

Stage Presence Road Map

Set the mood and tell your your musical story while on the stage. Use the step by step guide to building a dynamic live performance.

Tech Rider Outline

Discover the details of creating a pro tech rider to communicate with Production teams to prepare for your live show.

Stage Plot Designer

Production crews need a stage plot to help set an artist up for a successful live show. Check out this great stage plot designer and make your own.

Reflection Worksheet

Universal student worksheet to encourage reflection and comprehension across all Music Forward workshops and sessions.

Learning Goals- Marketing and Branding

Connect classroom learning to Music Forward Marketing and Branding pathways programming.
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