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Stage Presence Tip Sheet

From your entrance to your exit and everything in between, use these tips to build a stage performance your fans won't forget.

Stage Presence Road Map

Set the mood and tell your your musical story while on the stage. Use the step by step guide to building a dynamic live performance.

Performance & Production

Explore more tips for putting on a memorable live show and get to know your production team to help you deliver an amazing set.

The Creative Process

Find inspiration and develop strategies to create lyrics, harmony, and melody that come together to define your music.

Songwriting Tips from Khalid

Check out an early video of Khalid from the beginning of his music career as he explains his process for writing his first hit song, "Location."

Songwriting 101

Get songwriting insider tips from international film and TV composer, Xueran Chen, who shares practical insights for a successful project.

Learning Goals-Creative Process

Connect classroom learning to Music Forward Creative Process pathway programming.
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