Your Community: Flipping Networking On Its Head

Todd Goodwin

Todd Goodwin built and runs °1824, an internal creative solutions team at Universal Music Group focused on content creation, creator (influencer) partnerships, experiences, live streaming, ideation and career development. °1824 produces first-in-class visuals including music [...]

Leslie Rosales

Leslie Rosales is a Los Angeles born, Filipino-American music executive. She got her start in the music business in 2007 in artist management and is currently the Head of Marketing at Rostrum Records. Her life's [...]

Maria Gironas

Maria Gironas, Forbes 30 Under 30 Honoree, is an entertainment and technology executive who has followed two north stars throughout her career: elevating marginalized communities and empowering creatives to embrace technology. She continues these missions [...]


LÉA THE LEOX is the up-and-coming artist you don't want to miss. Having musicians for parents, LÉA was immersed in the music industry since childhood, contributing to her captivating presence in the studio and on [...]

Brandon Nales

As a music program manager at Dolby Institute and a co-founder of The Digilogue, I am deeply committed to fostering connections between music and technology and empowering underrepresented communities within this field. My work centers [...]
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