Josh Kitchen

Josh has lived in Los Angeles for seven years and has worked in several different types of roles and organizations – non-profit, live music, education, and government. Prior to Music Forward, Josh spent four years [...]

Sophie Behzadi

Sophie, a recent graduate from George Washington University in Washington, D.C., is thrilled to join the Music Forward team as the Artist Development Intern this summer! With a background in vocal performance, including leading her [...]

Katrina Frye

In 2020 Katrina founded her own indie music label Lauretta Records from her living room floor. With a decade of experience in the music industry, Katrina wanted to ensure support for like-minded artists. She seeks to create [...]

Andrew Monteilh

Andrew is a recent graduate from UC San Diego with a degree in international business and a minor in design. He grew up playing multiple instruments, which evolved into songwriting, and eventually forging an interest [...]

Erin Sullivan

Erin has had a lifelong passion for music, and can usually be found trying to teach herself a new instrument, studying song credits for fun facts, or traveling to attend another live music event. She is [...]

Nia Williams

Nia is an artist and arts administrator with years of experience in creative youth development and non-profit program management. With a multidisciplinary approach to art as a means of expression in her own life, ensuring [...]

Mallory Jackson

Mallory started her career in the music industry with an internship at Warner Records, which quickly evolved into a full-time role. Later, she moved to independent label Hopeless Records as Director of Marketing before pivoting [...]

Ellen Felton

Growing up, Ellen has always had a love for music and the effect it has on emotions. As an adult, Ellen is thrilled to be a part of Music Forward where she is able to [...]

Danielle McDuffie

Danielle received her degree in Multimedia Journalism in hopes to fulfill her passion for music and making an impact. She attended GRAMMY Camp in high school for Music Journalism where she learned how to interview [...]

Adrian Flores

Adrian has over 17 years of experience as a marketer and sponsorship manager/director within Los Angeles' music and entertainment space. He has worked at companies such as AEG Presents, Sam Nazarian's SBE, LA Canvas, Grand [...]
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