Citi Artist 2022

Andrew Bundy

Genre: Singer-Songwriter "My dream is to create new American standards that humanize the LGBTQ+ experience and promote social justice. I also want to inspire other "late-bloomers" to find creative courage later in life and embrace [...]


Genre: R&B "My goal with my music has always been to create relatable music. There's nothing more fulfilling than listening to one of your favorite artist's songs and feeling like it was made for you [...]


Genre: Psychedelic Rock "Born on a high desert wind, Sheverb is a womxn-led, collectively run, psychedelic desert rock band based in Austin, TX. Armed with their instruments, the Ladies of Reverb are out to challenge [...]


Genre: R&B/Soul "I suffered from emotional abuse as a child, I spent a lot of time pretty shut down and didn’t always feel safe expressing vulnerability. Writing and journaling became a huge outlet for me. [...]

Jalen Rance

Genre: R&B "The message that I want to share is 'be you'. As corny as that sounds I feel like the world worries too much about what others think/believe. I myself often struggle with that [...]


Genre: Hip-Hop/R&B "I have dreamed of becoming a well-known musical talent since I was six years old. I started as a band head and lover of musical instruments in fifth grade when I began playing [...]


Genre: Folk "Since I can remember I've been able to express myself through music. My mother shares the story of me playing the tambourine at age 3 in Lima Peru, during a family gathering next [...]


Genre: Singer-Songwriter "My artistic vision is to create a sonic and visual space that is accessible and empowering to humans, especially humans who are women, LGBTQIA+, Asian, and/or children of immigrants. I make music for [...]


Genre: Pop "I like to weave in my experiences and the experiences and stories of those in the world around me, into the fabric of my music; creating a sense of authenticity and making it [...]


Genre: Neo-Soul "My album, 'Pain With Benefits,' came about after one of my lowest points in life. I had just been dumped, the country officially went into lockdown, and my mental health was plummeting. I [...]
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