Citi Artist 2021

Treya Lam

Genre: Chamber-Folk "While creating music, I aim to make sense of my internal and external worlds while exploring our interconnectedness. I use composition, writing, experiential performance and filmmaking to find balance between darkness and light; [...]


Genre: Electro-Pop "For me, music is the purest form of mental health advocacy. During the times when I felt so desperately alone, I could put in my headphones and remember that someone out there knew [...]

Amelia Hammer Harris

Genre: Alt-Pop "My artistic vision is to continue to experiment and explore my intuition around my work, visually and sonically. Release not only music but multi-media experiences around the music...The goal is to always collaborate [...]

Daniel Barron

Genre: Pop “As an artist, my vision is to make music that not only makes the listener feel good and gives them something to relate to but to create a platform for myself that allows [...]

Stefan Alexander

Genre: Pop "I strive to write songs that are both complex and straightforward. I am inspired by the nuance of the world around me and the experiences I go through, using songwriting to access a [...]

Jeffrey Eli

Genre: Pop/Alternative “I want to be what I didn't have growing up to generations to come...I want to be a part of the movement to break that wall down entirely and open the floodgates for [...]

Rachika Nayar

Genre: Electronic “Music for me has always involved breaking down boundaries, borders, and binaries. I don't ascribe to genre, and draw threads where different influences, communities, and aesthetic worlds can touch...Music is a space of [...]


Genre: Neo/Soul “My artistic vision is to create music that changes the way people think. Music that people can connect and feel something from. I want human beings to feel less alone while listening. In [...]


Genre: Alternative/Indie-Pop “It is our dream to be full time musicians. We want the chance to be able to create music every day without the difficulty of working another job. The ultimate goal for the [...]

Leopold Nunan

Genre: Electronic/Dance “My main inspiration is to represent, propagate and perpetuate my Brazilian ancestors' expression and art and share to the world. I am a queer activist, as independent as an artist can be, I [...]
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