“The music industry thrives on innovation and we’ve always been passionate about exploring progress and creativity through music. Joining Music Forward to increase opportunity for the next generation is something we are passionate about as [...]

“I’m so fortunate to have been given the opportunity to live my dream - writing songs, recording, touring and working with some of the most talented musicians. Aligning with the Music Forward Foundation to become [...]

“I am thrilled to join Music Forward’s Ambassadors Council which represents such a wide variety of musical genres. Breaking into the music business is challenging, and Music Forward’s free programs offer aspiring youth the tools [...]

“I grew up knowing that more than anything I wanted to be a musician, but I didn’t have the resources or access for help, so I taught myself how to play. It makes me realize [...]

“It’s such an honor to work with a foundation whose mission it is to support the passion of kids and young adults trying to navigate their way through the music business. For me, I’m so [...]

“It’s important to have foundations that involve music. There are so many kids who don’t have the resources or information to get started in the music business. There is this huge world of creative opportunities [...]

“The youth of today are a powerful and unstoppable force that I am honored to be a part of. Combining our collective voices with the unparalleled moving force that is music, I believe that we [...]

“I think it’s important to nurture young kids and help them to pursue their passions. I wish I was exposed to something like this when I was a kid, because it would have been such [...]

“I am honored to join together with the House of Blues Music Forward Foundation to inspire young people to channel their passion for music into a career and to use their voice to make a [...]
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