AAF Morning Interview

Sara Napolitano

Human Resources: Connecting, growing & developing people all around the world! I love to help people solve their challenges and reach their potential!

Twanna Simmons

As the DE&I Business Partner Twanna Simmons is responsible for developing, managing and executing DE&I programs, DE&I hosted events and civic activities for AEG Presents.

Georgina Castro

My professional passion for music business comes from my love of music, travel, culture and people. I graduated with a BA in Music Industry Studies from Cal Poly Pomona. Throughout my career I have held [...]

Jon Bell

Jon believes in a world where live entertainment should be available and accessible to folks of all abilities and backgrounds. He has spent the majority of my career taking care of customers while nurturing people [...]

Chantel Diaz

Chantel works with Live Nation owned and operated concert venues to create inclusive and welcoming spaces for all Fans, Crew Members and Artists that enter our spaces.

Angelique Malloy

Angelique is an HR professional with experience across the retail, logistics, advertising and gaming industry. Meticulous in strategic Human Resources execution, able to streamline all Human Resources activities to increase revenue growth. Strong skills in [...]
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