AAF Marketing Workshop

Jared Oluwa

Jared Oluwa is a Music Composer from Los Angeles who works in the TV & Film industry. As a member of the LA Recording Academy, the Diverse Representation shows the impact globally. He has been [...]

Becca Cress

Becca handles business and market analysis, planning and execution of strategic, operational and growth projects across publishing and label departments.

Kate Cordova

Kate is the architect of ASCAP's global social media strategy across all platforms.

Ace Patterson

Ace Patterson (also known as “Call Me Ace”) is a Billboard-charting hip-hop artist and Founder/CEO of Five Mics Studios, where he and his team are building a mobile-first hip-hop trading card game.

Courtney Young

Courtney handles comms with clients re: release plans, best practices, marketing advice, pitches releases to DSPs for playlist support & other activations/opportunities, and shares additional programming opps to elevate qualifying artists both during and between [...]
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