A Day In The Life: Careers in Audio Engineering & Sound

Nicole Rich

Nicole Rich is a 26-year-old born in Chicago and living in Los Angeles. Nicole got her start in music by creating a Justin Bieber fan Twitter at the age of 13 that garnered over 26,000 [...]

Chrissy Tignor

As a passionate music educator, curriculum developer, audio engineer, producer and content strategist, I am dedicated to empowering music creators of all levels through high-quality, engaging and accessible educational content. I strategize and develop educational [...]


Mileage is a record producer, songwriter, and engineer from Savannah, GA. After studying sound design and music production at The Savannah College of Art and Design, he moved to Atlanta to begin working with new [...]

George Williams

George Williams is the US Account Manager for Apogee Electronics, the premier manufacturer of audio interfaces and USB mic products. His focus is sales and marketing. George is an Apple Certified Professional in Logic Pro [...]
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