2023 Brunch

Broccoli City

Broccoli City is a Black-owned social enterprise that focuses on people and progress. They foster creativity and community growth by building innovative experiences that intersect technology, music, art, and social impact.

Julian Petty

Julian Petty, Executive Vice President and Head of Business and Legal Affairs at Warner Records has remarkable dedication to both the music industry and education creating ripples of positive change. He led the establishment of [...]

Allison Frenzel

Allison Frenzel is an education programs specialist with the California Department of Education’s High School Innovations and Initiatives Office. She supports all Arts, Media and Entertainment (AME) and Secondary Arts programs in the state of [...]

Happier Than Ever, The World Tour

We are thrilled to acknowledge Billie Eilish's 'Happier Than Ever, The World Tour' as our Tour Honoree! Fueled by Billie's unwavering passion for combatting climate change and preserving the beauty of our planet, this tour [...]

House of Blues

Unity in Diversity. The pursuit of peace, love, community, and acceptance has guided the House of Blues’s cultural development daily and continues to gain new meaning and applications over the passing of time. House of Blues is [...]
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