Megan Ramhoff

Megan Ramhoff is a Show Marketer who works with Artist Management, touring shows, media partners and community partners to promote their upcoming concerts.

After 5 years of promotional and marketing work on the venue side of the music industry as well as 3 different markets, Megan believes strongly in in her marketing strategy of spending money where’s there’s proven conversion. In addition she also strongly believes adding on as much grass roots promotions and community partnerships as time allows to organically spread the word when dealing with a constricting budget.

Megan has improved ticket sales, community involvement and in turn venue awareness with each new market and venue she has joined. Her passion project is the internship programs she has built to not only help with work flow and community awareness but also to help coach and train young marketers looking to advance their career in the music industry. She has a strong belief in the power of building true relationships and making partnerships as cross promotion-ally beneficial as possible.

Megan holds a BA in Music Industry: Artist & Music Industry Management from The Ohio State University.

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