Los Angeles

Raz Davidov

"I really enjoyed what I made and can't wait to share it with the world! I loved how we were able to network and connect with some of the biggest names of the game sharing [...]

Whimzi Ha

"The basis of my project is for us to realize that whatever we pursue has been innately within us since our first breath. I gained a better understanding of what it means to be an [...]

Zachary Geddes

"I moved to LA with a book bag and no money to make my dream happen and my goal was to get my sound recognized and also be inspired by LA. Meeting the industry professionals [...]

Victoria Elise

"The "why" of my song is to highlight relationships formed in LA. Talking to the industry professionals really opened my view on what success looks like. It's different for everybody and everyone's journey is different."

Tyler Martell

"My song symbolizes what it was like for me growing up in LA and my feelings for LA are bittersweet since I only know the rough parts. This program added another layer to my thinking [...]

Tazae Owens

“I had already conceptualized a project and just needed the resources to help me push it through. This experience was great especially for building a creative community and connecting us.”

Solomon King

"The 'why' of my project was to thank LA for the hospitality. This program is going to be missed!"

Amaris Davy

"My song is about being far from home and learning how to trust my own soul as home. I felt encouraged to grow into my own creative process rather than changing into something else."

Seraiyeh Versai

"The why for my song is about being a trans-woman in LA and the experiences I go through to embrace my identity and the love I have for my community."

Ryan Beacham

"My project addresses the prejudices of others and how I often don't fit their stereotypes. In this program, I learned that less is more. Sometimes taking some things out allows for other things to shine, [...]
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