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This year, Music Forward is celebrating its 30th Anniversary, and we could not have reached this milestone without your unwavering support. As we embark on an exciting new decade, we invite you to be part of a vibrant and prosperous future for young people regardless of circumstance, and for the world of music and live.

We invite you to join our One Million Dreams campaign. Since 1993, Music Forward has reached a million lives. With your help, it is our goal to reach a million more young people by the year 2030. While we provide programs and opportunities, it is our supporters like you who are instrumental in shaping the next generation.

Whatever being a voice for music means to you, whether it be a $30, $300, or $3,000 donation today, we cannot do what we do without you. By donating today, you are ensuring we get to keep making dreams come true for years to come. We thank you for being there with us in clubs, House of Blues, in amphitheaters, and virtually around the globe. For being there with us for 30 years- we thank you

To a million more dreams and 30 more years!

Make a Million More Dreams Come True

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31K Impacted in 2023

Music Forward

78% of Participants are POC

55% of Participants are Women

Music Industry

13.9% of Music Industry Executives are POC

13.9% of Music Industry Executives are Women

110 Music Forward Participants Gained Industry Placement in 2023

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