Where Are They Now: Damoyee Janai

Music Forward caught up with our incredibly talented Bringing Down the House alumna Damoyee Janai before she heads to her freshman year of college, to get more insight into her progression as a young artist since we first met her five years ago. Based out of Dallas, Texas, Damoyee is an award-winning musician, composer, singer, songwriter, and producer– she does it all!

When we asked her experience with Bringing Down the House, Damoyee recounted, “The information I learned about the music industry was priceless…the environment was very welcoming, so I gained a lot of confidence in my stage presence and my performances. I can see how artists who may not have access to these types of programs can be very nervous, and it may take longer to develop that comfort level.”

Upon completing Bringing Down the House in 2016 Damoyee said, “I became more outspoken and driven; the feeling I got performing on the legendary House of Blues stage for the first time was unforgettable… I left more focused and energized on a sustainable career.” She attributes Music Forward for giving her the confidence to experiment with her artistic creativity.

This growth and transformation were apparent in a recent triumph for the young artist.

Last month, Damoyee won a competition to have a piece of hers play as the opening “Rising of the Lights” chandelier song at the Winspear Opera House in Dallas. Damoyee shared with us that, “When I was first presented with the opportunity, it was to see if a student could compose a piece for the opening song… I composed two different pieces… one that I felt was best for the opening song and another that followed their requirements and criteria. I submitted both of them and they blindly chose two pieces without knowing who the composers were.” Both were Damoyee’s!

Damoyee has been accepted to Berklee College of Music and is elated at the chance to continue her music studies with a major in film scoring and minor in music production and sound engineering. If we’ve learned anything about Damoyee since we met her at age 13, it’s her drive and desire to succeed. Her ultimate goal is to inspire through music, and we know she will succeed – her future is as bright as the vibrant chandelier hanging in the Winspear Opera House.

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