The Power of Purpose

Recently I had the honor of speaking to a couple hundred performing arts leaders and executives at Ticketmaster’s Performing Arts Summit. During a fireside chat with Marla Ostroff, Ticketmaster’s EVP of Arts and Theater, we discussed the transformative power of being purpose-driven. With the world around us rapidly shifting, so do our approaches in business and philanthropy. What is our distinctive impact on the world around us?

There was conversation and an acknowledgment of our dedication to transforming the arts industry through a commitment to diversity, sustainability and advocacy. We considered the social enterprise model developed by the founders of the House of Blues, which continues to sustain Music Forward 26 years later. Why isn’t this model baked into the backbone of businesses across the nation? How can a local venue advocate for and elevate their neighborhood? Our stakeholders, audiences, and communities are urging us to evolve into fundamental partners in our collective humanity.

October is National Arts & Humanities Month, a coast-to-coast collective recognition of the importance of culture in America. It is an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the positive impact the arts bring to our schools and communities. We encourage our friends and family to participate in the arts; support your local, state, and national arts agencies; and raise awareness about the key role the arts and humanities play in our lives.

The arts allow us to explore ideas, express emotions, and better appreciate cultures from around the world. And we believe that access to the arts is a right and not a privilege.

Music Forward acknowledges Arts and Humanities Month by reaffirming our mission and providing transformational experiences to young people, using music–the arts–as a pathway to success. Focused on those who have struggled with systemic barriers, we empower youth to enter the arts industry and enrich it with diverse voices and perspectives. By positioning Music Forward as a leader in workforce development and offering at-risk youth access to opportunities within the music industry, we are determined to advocate for and inspire the next generation.

Let’s celebrate the arts in our lives and move culture forward together!

Written by Nurit Siegel Smith

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