Pitch Perfect

Earlier this month, we brought together Marketing, PR, and Communication students from Cal State Fullerton, Loyola Marymount University, and Chapman University to an All Access program at the Live Nation headquarters in Hollywood. Over ten music industry professionals from Live Nation joined us to give insight into the marketing field within the ever-growing music industry. For this group of Marketing/Communications students, the experience was unique and applicable to their studies and interests.

To kick off the program, our participants gathered around a large conference table and dove into a Pitch Perfect workshop. This workshop is designed to emphasize the importance of having a personal brand and communicating your personal skills and goals in a networking setting. Students worked to develop their “pitch” and practiced with each other for feedback.

After the practice session, we began the exclusive panel discussion with specially selected music industry experts. We were joined by multiple professionals from various sectors within Live Nation including Sponsorships, House of Blues, Ones to Watch, and Live Nation Marketing. Students were able to get a glance into the working world of entertainment at a major music corporation and understand the variety of pathways to careers in the industry. After the conversation, the panel turned into a space for networking, allowing the students to introduce themselves to, and exchange information with the industry professionals. In spaces like the music industry, networking and creating authentic connections with others is an important skill to hone professionally.

The final portion of the All Access event was an office tour of Live Nation HQ, in which students gained more perspective on the intricate roles and departments that make up the Live Nation enterprise. The group visited different floors of the building, meeting more music industry leaders and gaining insight into their role in the business throughout the tour. The group then ended at the front of the office on Hollywood Boulevard to say their goodbyes.

All Access helps prepare students for the transition into the working world. The program introduces students to opportunities and pathways, strengthens interpersonal networking skills, and connects students directly with professionals to build relationships in the industry. At Music Forward, the success of our programs is seen through the skills we help build and the connections we help facilitate in real-world programs and experiences like this one. We are zealously paving the way towards promising and flourishing futures for our talented youth.

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