Front Row: Virtual Internship

Since March our Music Forward internships, like all our programming, have been virtual.  Social Media Marketing Intern, Kaylei Grijalva, shares her current internship experience. 

Participating in a virtual internship was never something that I saw in my future, but we’ve all had to pivot both personally and professionally. I was initially hesitant about applying to roles for virtual internships as I feared that I wouldn’t learn as much, or that I would miss out on the “full internship experience” you get from an in-person setting.

After nearly three months of a virtual internship with Music Forward, I can happily confirm that my fears have proven to be false and that I’ve had nothing short of a positive experience. 

As a Social Media Marketing intern, I’ve been able to develop and strengthen my skills in digital marketing, copywriting, researching and implementing strategies, working in a team environment, and gain knowledge about working for a non-profit within the music industry. 

It’s safe to say that this internship has kept me busy! No two days are ever the same, so I’ve learned to be flexible and able to adapt to last-minute changes. It’s a fast-paced environment that requires you to be organized, detail-oriented, and able to work under pressure. Most importantly, it’s something you have to put your full effort into.

The skills I’ve acquired through my virtual internship at Music Forward will benefit me greatly in my future endeavors. Not only have I learned about the behind-the-scenes process of social media and digital marketing, but I’ve also learned what it takes to work in the entertainment industry. This internship was an excellent chance to learn, grow, and strengthen my skills. 

As companies and organizations continue to work from home virtual internships may become the new normal for some time and it is great to know that even while working remotely, one can still feel connected. 

Interested in applying for a Spring 2021 virtual Gigternship with Music Forward? Learn more and apply here.  

Kaylei was born and raised in the Sacramento area, but has been living in Orange County for a year now! She is a fourth year Communications/Entertainment and Tourism major at California State University of Fullerton, and is very excited to graduate in the Spring. Kaylei is pursuing a career in the live events side of the music industry due to her overwhelming love for concerts and festivals. Outside of music, she loves traveling, going to the beach, and baking!

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