Front Row: Music Forward Mondays in Las Vegas

One of the best places to find new music in Las Vegas is B Side at House of Blues. This low-key venue inside the ravishing Mandalay Bay Hotel features both notable touring bands as well as up-and-coming local artists. Every Monday night, House of Blues and Music Forward Foundation collaborate to present Music Forward Mondays, a special evening of music spotlighting our alumni artists.

Since the series began last year, it has grown extensively and provided Music Forward alumni the chance to showcase their tremendous talent, build their confidence on stage, and grow their fanbase.

While all Music Forward artist alumni have experience performing, playing in front of intimate audiences at B Side is a unique opportunity. Music Forward musicians have the chance to really connect with their audience. One 2019 alumna, Jazzy Cadiente, describes her experience performing at B Side as “a chance to connect with whoever is in the audience, whether it be friends, family, or complete strangers.” She added, “I’m grateful for the opportunity that Music Forward has given me to perform at the B Side every chance I get. Being a senior in high school, I look forward to performing at Music Forward Mondays because it always brings my mood up and it’s a great way to spend a Monday night with great music and great food! Not only is it a great experience, but I get to perform with my friends and share the stage with them.”

The weekly program is also a chance for alumni to connect with one another. Since the shows often feature two or three performers, it is common for musicians to collaborate together and start new projects. For example, a 2016 alum connected with one of our 2019 students after they both performed as separate acts at a Music Forward Mondays show. The duo, Noah Stephens and Victoria Lynne, now regularly perform together. Victoria, class of 2019, shared that “Music Forward Mondays is the perfect opportunity to showcase my latest songs and my skills as an artist.” She described being a regular at the series as an “amazing experience” and that it has helped her expand her abilities as a performer. Victoria also said “Music Forward Foundation has allowed me to build not only my skills as a singer but also given me more confidence in my abilities as a performer. I have learned so much about the music industry from them, including music marketing, and stage presence. Music Forward opens the doors for you to learn to build yourself as an artist and teaches you many of the skills you need to become a successful independent artist.


Music Forward Mondays gives young artists a chance to do what they love: play music! In many cities and especially in Las Vegas, it can be difficult for artists under the age of 21 to play shows; but thanks to this series, every week there are new opportunities for our alumni to shine. Through this program, Music Forward makes it possible for young artists to get more experience in the music industry and turn their passions into professions.

Written by: Kaylen Fields, Music Forward Program Assistant

Kaylen is a driven marketing student newly relocated to Las Vegas from Memphis, Tennessee. Music is her biggest passion, and she believes that it is a uniquely powerful tool for change and empowerment. When she’s not at shows, she’s either studying at the closest coffee shop or chilling with her pomeranian.

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