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Music Forward teamed up with our Ambassador and multi-platinum selling global superstar, Khalid, for a very special All Access program during his Free Spirit tour. The experience took place at Amway Center in Orlando with a group of aspiring young musicians from nearby Jones High School. The program included a private sound-check and an exclusive Q&A session with Khalid and his Musical Director, Khirie Tyler. They discussed creative processes, musical inspirations, and advice for a career in the industry.

Marchel Washington, Jones High School Senior – Class of 2020 recounts her extraordinary experience:

The day was August 16th, I spent the whole time thinking about meeting him. I could barely sleep the night before; I was just too excited. Khalid was my prime focus that day. Free Spirit, his album, was playing on a constant loop and I was more than ready to hear him in person.

The experience was more than I expected. We were treated like VIP and skipped a long line of people just to hear his soundcheck. The music, the dancers, the lights, the people, were indescribable. It felt as if I was on a different planet, in a different place, it felt refreshingly new. If I could, I would relive that night all over again. The entire day is a memory I refuse to lose.

I will always remember meeting Khalid. He was humble and down to Earth. He did not have a complex feel as if he was better than anyone else, he felt human. His demeanor was comforting overall. I must admit, Khalid gave the best hugs ever. A lot of people say not to meet your heroes or any celebrities because they aren’t what they seem to be, but Khalid was an exception.

Khalid taught me an incredible thing. He said ’Creativity cannot be rushed; it has to flow.’ I am a poet and at times it can be hard to create. I try to force creativity, but Khalid taught me that it will not function that way. Creativity will flow when it needs to and when it is unlocked. I learned a valuable lesson I will never let go: to be humble, patient, and creative.

This experience opened my eyes and made me realize I could do and be more. It made me want to explore life more as a creative. I want to grow as a poet, create works that connect with people and bring comfort and truth. It made me want to write poems that will have the same impact that Khalid had on me. My entire outlook on being an artist has changed due to that night and I am forever grateful to the Music Forward Foundation.

All Access is designed to inspire, create momentum, and redefine what’s possible for the next generation. Sometimes, all a young person needs are reminders not to give up on their dreams and passions — they’ll take that advice and soar with it to reach new heights.
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