Front Row: All Access Tour @ Yamaha

We partnered with Yamaha Corporation of America for an exclusive All Access Tour at their corporate headquarters in Buena Park, CA.  Music students from the Savanna High School Band Program were invited to gain insight into the music industry and instrument-making process of this multinational corporation. They enjoyed behind-the-scenes access while they toured the facility, studios, and manufacturing spaces to learn about unique career paths and insider insights from Yamaha professionals. 

Here are five top takeaways from the incredible experience:

1. “Go Your Own Way” – There is no one clear path to get to where you want to be in your career. The industry professionals we talked to came from a variety of backgrounds with unique pathways and shared individual stories and advice on how to get to where you want to be. Everyone’s journey is different, the important part is mapping action items and taking the first step.


2. “We Are the Music Makers” – Many people who work at Yamaha are also musicians themselves. It’s important to remember that your love of music can take you down many paths. We learned that if you feel passionate about music, there are hundreds of careers where you can work in the music industry and experience music every day, including instrument making! Now we know that one of the reasons Yamaha instruments are such great quality is because real-life musicians have a hand in their production.


3. “We Are the World” – Like Music Forward, Yamaha is also involved in music education, education advocacy, and youth empowerment. Yamaha is more than just a worldwide commercially successful company, they also make it their mission to partner with youth outreach organizations (like us!) to provide the support that helps foster future generations. 

Approaches to business are changing in today’s markets and there is increasing importance on incorporating social responsibility and profitability to make the world a better place.

4. “I Want to Be Well” No matter what job you have, it’s important to maintain a steady work-life balance by knowing your limits and giving yourself breaks to stay creative and committed. While all jobs require patience and dedication, it’s easier to stay motivated if you’re combining your passion with your work. When you work at a company whose values match yours, you’re more likely to enjoy waking up in the morning and coming in to start your day.

5. “I’ve Got Stamina” Yamaha is the biggest manufacturer of musical instruments in the world. The company was started by one person, Torakusu Yamaha, who made a simple repair of a broken organ that turned into a music empire. Anything can start with a single idea, person, and goal to start a pathway, a business, a movement. What idea will you put out into the world? 

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