Community Action Resources for Equity

Our organization is committed to working today and every day to uproot systemic racism; to increase opportunity, access, knowledge, and resources for youth to follow their dreams and use their diverse perspectives and voices to change the world for the better. Through open dialogue and empathy, through anti-racist action and drive towards equity, and through the enduring power of music, together, we will chart a new vision and reality for a more just America.

Want to take action? Below, we’ve compiled a list of resources to support change.


 One Love Global: Toolkit for Youth Political Power (One Love Global)

 ACLU: Student’s Rights – Free Speech, Walk-Outs, and Other Protests (ACLU)

 Do Something – Racial Justice Toolkit (ACLU)

 10 Young Racial Justice Activists You Should Know (Do Something)

Selma Online (Interactive Online Learning Experience)



 Rock the Vote 

 Campus Voting Project 

 Vote Save America 

 When We All Vote 

 Youth Voter Movement 



 Anti-Racism Resources

 Anti-Racist Resources (Crooked Media)

 Black Futures Lab

 Black Lives Matter

 Center for Policing Equity 

 Equal Justice Institute 

 Equality Includes You (Medium.com)

 Fair Fight (Stacey Abrams)

 Healing Justice Resource Guide (Black Lives Matter)

 National Black Justice Coalition 

 NAACP Legal Defense Fund 

 Race Forward 

 Text for Change  (Black Lives Matter)



Teen Mental Health

The Loveland Foundation

Jed Foundation for Teens and Young Adults

Melanin & Mental Health

Girls Health.Gov

The National Alliance for Mental Illness

Ten Percent Happier

Behind the Scenes



 11 Terms You Need to Understand (The Aspen Institute)

 75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice (Medium.com)

 The Future is Us: Amanda Gorman’s powerful inauguration poem inspired us to reflect on our past and rise together. (The SPL Center)

 Talking About Race (National Museum of African American History and Culture)

 White Allies in Training (White Allies in Training)



60 Resources For Talking to Kids About Racism (Creative With Kids/Oakland Public Library)

 Resources for Talking About Race, Racism, Racialized Violence with Kids (Center for Racial Justice in Education)

 Teaching for Black Lives Handbook for Educators (The Washington Post)

 Zinn Education Project 

Let’s take strategic action and mobilize for our communities.  Plus, remember your voice is your vote, especially in local elections!

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