All Access+ Julia Michaels

Music Forward teamed up with Cricket Wireless and Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter, Julia Michaels, to present an All Access program with local youth. We invited ten young women with aspirations of careers in the music industry to meet Julia and talk candidly about pathways to success, the creative process, and real-world insight into the industry.  The group of participants came from across Los Angeles and represented a diverse array of musical backgrounds; they arrived with excitement and eager minds for this unique experience. They were also invited to go behind-the-scenes of a production studio to learn about the relationship between live entertainment and film before experiencing Julia’s in-studio performance as part of Live from the Cricket Lounge.

The aim of this event—as with every All Access program—was to create a space for young people to explore the music industry from an inside perspective and make valuable connections for next steps on their own career paths. Music Forward gives our participants the opportunity to channel their creativity through inspiration from others’ professional experiences within the field. Julia answered a variety of questions during the session and gave honest, genuine advice about the obstacles she’s faced within the music industry and how she has overcome them. After the Q&A, Julia performed an intimate set with an acoustic rendition of her most popular song, “Issues,” along with other new releases. To end the special night, she connected directly with the group and took photos during a personal meet and greet.

This was a particularly special event as Julia is part of our inaugural Ambassadors Council, which launched this week. The Ambassadors Council is a group of inspirational artists dedicated to empowering the next generation by contributing to the Music Forward mission. Ambassadors stand with us as advocates, harnessing the power of music to elevate the next generation.

When given the opportunity to chase their dreams, the ambition and potential of these young women are unmistakable. And we are confident they will excel in anything they set their minds to achieve!

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