2019 – A Message From Our Executive Director

From the board and staff at Music Forward we wish you a Happy New Year! I have been seeing a lot of new year notes about dreaming together in 2019 but this note, this is about building together in 2019!

Many of you received our end of year emails and solicitations where we shared all the exciting work Music Forward accomplished in 2018 as we celebrated our 25th Anniversary. We still have a few more months to go in our quarter-century year and have nearly met our $250,000 campaign goal thanks to so many of you, including our incredible 25th Elite Sponsors and inaugural Alliance members.

With our board approved and adopted 3-year strategic framework rooted in the Value of Inclusivity, as well as a commitment to our newly formed mission to transform young lives, inspire careers, and champion a more inclusive music industry, Music Forward is setting out in 2019 to partner with and hear from you.

We are embarking on a 4-city tour across Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and New Orleans, where we will be meeting with key stakeholders-youth, educational and community partners, and music industry leaders-to ensure programmatic relevancy and significance to those we serve and the industry we service. Let us know if you would like to be a part of these focus groups and conversations as we explore challenges and opportunities in building a better tomorrow for the thousands of young people we impact through our programs. Contact us here for more information on these sessions that will serve to enhance programs, heighten experiences, and position Music Forward for the future.

We will be bringing people together in 2019 as we continue to harness significant partnerships, build bridges into more communities, and create space for influential solutions. As we set new goals and high standards for the coming year, I look onward to our collaboration.

2018 was a successful year, thanks to your support. We will build upon that success in 2019 together. New year, new plans, new memories to be made. The best is yet to come!

Join the Music Forward movement.

– Nurit Siegel-Smith, Executive Director

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