CD Baby

Two teams of four students each will be given a brief: Design a music player/store for musicians, based on what music fans want today. We’ll turn you loose with flip charts and markers to collaboratively design this awesome new service. Design for 10 minutes, then teams will present and explain your work, comparing similarities and differences.


Learn the basics, tips and tricks of DJing from local professionals by trying out Hercules’ inexpensive and  portable controllers, easily used with a laptop and MP3 library. This innovative, cutting-edge technology makes it easy to hone your skills and get started in this exciting art form!


Create a marketing survey or create lighting cues and effects! Use Hurdl’s Stella SMS Messaging Platform to create and ideate ways to keep consumer engagement surveys interesting or use Hurdl Blade System (Pixl Controllers and Pixl Antennas) to create a light display in the Experiential Lounge.

Massive Act

Use industry drag-and-drop software to create a visual representation of where your band members, equipment, and instruments will sit on stage for your live performance. Then, create an input list of all your backline needs like F.O.H. and monitor consoles, gates, camps, effect, and hospitality to make your band sound great and your show a success!


Meet professional music supervisor Barry Coffing and search his data base of thousands of songs to find the right tune to set the mood and provoke the desired emotions for your next movie or TV scene, commercial, or video game.

Novel Effect

Use Novel Effect’s virtual recording studio and sound effects to practice some recording basics. Collaborate with two of your friends make a poem come to life with your own spin and talents!


Get a sneak peek into how live music concerts are created and priced in the real world using Ticketmaster’s “TM1 Events” tool to create an event and sell tickets on Ticketmaster.com. Learn about the role Promoters, Artist Managers, and Box Office Managers play in creating a concert. Think strategically and create different price levels, VIP seats, and more to make your goal revenue from a concert!


Ever wonder what your favorite artist is hearing in those ear pieces they wear on stage? Come listen in and play with the new technology that is changing the way musicians are doing in-ear monitoring.

Get Involved