Industry Resources

Spotify Masterclass for Artists

Take a personal guide through Spotify's artist tools & features, and discover the knowledge and best practices to help you find your audience on Spotify.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing is a must. Learn the 7 truths of Music Marketing and how to market on your local scene. Download Here

Develop a Marketing Plan

Ready to get noticed? Create a marketing strategy using this step-by-step to put a promo plan into action.

Artist Branding

Developing your image is an important part of artist branding. Learn how to enhance your band photo and band bio to stand out.  

Hone Your Pitch

Get the attention of industry leaders in 30 seconds or less for impactful networking and making a great first impression.

Pitch Perfect Artist Practice

Capture the interest of the music industry by creating and perfecting your artist pitch.

Social Media

Use Social Media to build your brand as an artist and reach fans all over the world. Download Here

Industry Careers

Discover Careers in the music industry in venues, on touring teams, in studios, and more. 

Skills and Characteristics

Identify your own skills and characteristics that will help you map yourself to a dream career in the music industry.

Career Map

Use your identified skills and characteristics to create a strategy for success and a career map for your own personal music industry pathway.
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