Do I have to attend the entire 8-hour event?

No. You can come and go as you’d like. You can attend the panel you are interested in during one hour, leave the conference, and then log back in for the next panel you want to attend.

Can I ask the industry pros questions?

During panels, you can submit questions to the Q&A tab in the chat that will be answered at the end of the panel, time permitting.

There are additional opportunities to ask questions in round table sessions and the networking space.

What is the age limit?

All are welcome! That said, All Access Fest’s content is catered to youth under the age of 24.

Whether you’re a professional looking to gain new insights, an educator looking for professional development, or beyond…we’d love to have you! We just ask that you give priority to those in the target demo when it comes to asking questions and engaging with the conference

I’m having trouble logging in. What’s the easiest way to log in to the platform?

Here’s a few steps you should take to log in to the platform:

  1. Click “Go To Event” in your confirmation email for the event or head directly to bit.ly/MFF_AAF.
  2. Click the red “Register” button on the top right corner of your screen.
  3. If you’ve already registered, go to the bottom of the form and click “Already Registered? Log In” and enter your email. If you still need to register, enter your details and you’ll be let in the platform.
  4. Put the verification code from your email in and you’re all set!

Click here to see a video of the full process. If you’re still having trouble, please check your browser or internet connection. If the problem still happens, please email aaf@musicforwardfoundation.org.

What should I take advantage of on the platform?

Check out this cool video on how to best navigate and use the platform to network with people from around the world!

Where can I watch one of the keynotes or panels?

Visit the schedule tab and click “Backstage” to enter or watch the session you’ve been waiting for! If it’s not there yet, it might mean it hasn’t started quite yet.

Will panels be recorded and/or available after the event?

While the event is live, if you miss a panel the recording will be available on the schedule shortly after the panel concludes. After the event closes at 5pm PT select panels will be released on the Music Forward YouTube channel over the following months. Stay tuned at this link: youtube.com/musicforward.

Can I be a part of the event on my phone?

Yes! Click here to get the Zuddl app on IOS, or click here for Android.

Where can I network with other students or speakers?

There’s 4 main ways to network on the platform:

  1. Keynotes + Panel Sessions – you can chat with each other during the session and also ask any Q&A (time permitting) to the speakers during these conversations.
  2. Event Chat – when you’re in the lobby or throughout the platform, there’s a “Chat” icon that should be on  the right side of your screen. You can message people there and get to know them. In fact, we encourage you to at least 2 other students during the event!
  3. Networking Hub – head to the “Roundtables” area to go into different rooms where you can meet someone new for an extended period of time! If there isn’t a spot open, don’t worry! Come back and jump in the conversation once a spot opens up!
  4. Speed Networking – head to the “Networking” tab on the red navigation bar and enter into 5 minute speed networking rounds with people at random! Get to know each other at a fast-paced speed and get together later on the platform or on socials!

I see HR Lightning Round and A&R Lightning Round rooms on the schedule. How can I be a part of them?

HR and A&R Lightning Round sessions involve pre-selected participants who completed an application to be a part of it. That said, unfortunately, these sessions are closed to the public and are reserved for those who applied.

I haven’t been able to enter the “Live Support” room yet. What should I do?

Given the volume of attendees, the “Live Support” room may experience a heavy volume of people. Please refer to these FAQs as much as possible for answers to questions. If you have any specific questions that are urgent, please email aaf@musiforwardfoundation.org. All requests will be filtered in the order they were received.

My computer audio or video isn’t working. What should I do?

Please make sure you are using Chrome or Microsoft Edge as your browser. If problems continue to persist, please try restarting your browser and/or your computer. If you’re still having trouble, please email aaf@musicforwardfoundation.org.

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