Music Forward is unyielding in our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.
For over 29 years, Music Forward Foundation has impacted 1 million young lives and invested $29 million towards providing transformational experiences to youth from under-resourced communities. Each year, we activate our significant network to impact over 16,000 individuals nationwide.

What We Do

Artist & Career Development

The Artist Development pathway inspires musical careers by cultivating and celebrating emerging artists, connecting them to industry insiders, and showcasing their talent.


The Career Development pathway connects young people’s passions to professions off the stage. Programs reveal careers that make the industry thrive and chart individual pathways to success.


Music Forward partners to increase opportunity for reaching educational heights for a diverse range of students pursuing music industry careers.

Blues SchoolHouse

Blues SchoolHouse traces the history, evolution, and impact of blues music, highlighting the role music plays in reflecting the human condition and driving social change.


Spotlight: RAMPD

July is Disability Pride Month and it is a month dedicated to recognizing the history, struggles, and accomplishments of people in the disabled community. We're taking this month to highlight a very necessary company for [...]

Music Forward Live @ The Peppermint Club

A packed house, four all-star performers, and an insightful Q&A filled The Peppermint Club with good vibes all night long on June 18th. We filled The Peppermint Club up with Music Forward alumni, industry experts, [...]

Spotlight: Zami Inez

Meet Zami Inez, our Artist of the Month for June and Black Music Month! She was one of our Open Mic Industry Picks from Spring 2023 and since then has been working on new music [...]

Exploring the History of Black Music

Blues music has given people a voice to tell stories, preserve traditions and express feelings about everyday life and it goes without saying that blues music has influenced much of the music that we all [...]
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